Get the Body You've Always Wanted with Strawberry Inch Loss

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Now in BloNo the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois area! Eliminate Fat and Lose Unwanted Inches in problem areas with our Non Surgical, Non Invasive Strawberry Inch Loss. • No pain • No recovery time • No surgery • No bruising • No needles. See REAL Results in just One Visit!

Muscle Toning and Body Sculpting

Summer Sale 30% Off Strawberry Inch Loss
Dramatically improve the results of Strawberry Inch Loss with Our Whole Body Vibration Plate Designed to Tone Muscle and Sculpt Your Body. Effective for Both Men and Women! Contact our BloNo Office in Bloomington, Illinois Today!
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Strawberry Inch Loss Sessions are Now Offered in BloNo!

Our Bloomington, Illinois salon offers the renowned Strawberry Inch Loss sessions to the Bloomington-Normal Metropolitan Area. Strawberry is an FDA Approved, non-surgical, non-invasive method to shrink unwanted inches and eliminate fat in the problem areas of your body.

Our advanced inch loss sessions directly target the adipocyte fat cells. The red light stimulates and opens the pores on the cell wall allowing the stored fat to be released. The fat cells IMMEDIATELY shrink in size. The contents are then safely eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic processes.

The 10 minute procedure is relaxing and causes no painful side effects. And the results are immediate!

Schedule an Inch Loss Session at our BloNo – Bloomington Salon Today!

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Strawberry Inch Loss Sessions in Bloomington Normal IL

Strawberry Inch Loss is Effective, Safe, Non-Invasive, and an FDA Approved Treatment

Summer Sale 30% Off Strawberry Inch Loss• Non-invasive
• No pain or discomfort
• No anesthesia or drugs
• No bruising
• No recovery time
• Non-surgical process
• Immediate return to activities or work
• The Treatment takes as little as 10 minutes

Strawberry Inch Loss Treatment areas:

Stomach • Back fat (upper and lower) • Arms • Hips • Thighs • Butt Lift • Knees • Elbows • Ankles • Baby Bulge • Man chest (moobs)​ • Muffin top • Spare tire • Get your “6 pack” or “12 pack”

Strawberry Inch Loss offers dramatic results for all your problem areas:

Strawberry Inch Loss Sessions offer Dramatic Results for Problem Areas

Strawberry Inch Loss offers sessions to clients in the following BloNo Communities: Anchor, Arrowsmith, Bellflower, Carlock, Chenoa, Colfax, Cooksville, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Gridley, Heyworth, Hudson, Le Roy, Lexington, McLean, Saybrook, Shirley, Stanford, and Towanda, Illinois.