The Strawberry Inch Loss Sessions in Bloomington, Illinois

Strawberry Inch Loss Sessions in Bloomington Normal IL

Measured: You will be measured periodically so we can record your inch loss. Measurements will be taken in a number of places and the readings recorded. A marker pen will be used to ensure that exactly the same area is measured each time.

Photographed: You will be photographed. This means that the specific area to be treated will be photographed and this will not include your face. You will be asked to stand in a particular way to ensure consistency. For example; for an abdomen, you will have your hands on your head.

Strawberry Inch Loss Session:

The Strawberry Inch Loss Session takes only 10-20 minutes per area. Most clients start with their abdomen where we treat the front abdomen for 10 minutes and the back area for 10 minutes or the top portion for 10 minutes and the bottom portion for 10 minutes. You will feel some warmth from the laser diode paddles, however most clients find the procedure very relaxing.

Strawberry Inch Loss Bloomington – Normal Location:

Located in The Ultimate Tan Salon:
503 N Prospect Rd #106, Bloomington, IL 61704

Strawberry Inch Loss provides Inch Loss sessions to clients in the following BloNo Communities: Anchor, Arrowsmith, Bellflower, Carlock, Chenoa, Colfax, Cooksville, Danvers, Downs, Ellsworth, Gridley, Heyworth, Hudson, Le Roy, Lexington, McLean, Saybrook, Shirley, Stanford, and Towanda, Illinois.